Eduman is designed while keeping user-friendliness and productivity in mind

Multiple Dashboards

Edunomy comes with 3 default dashboards (for admin, teachers and students) so everyone can perform their tasks efficiently. All dashboards are independent from each other and offer a user-friendly interface for both beginners and intermediates. If you are a big organization with increasing demands, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can create multiple role-based dashboards to offer the perfect feasibility.

Fee Management

Our system allows you to get rid of all the paperwork for creating and managing the fee collection system. Whether you have 10 students or 10,000, there is no need to print and issue even a single fee slip. Within a few clicks, the fee slips for every pupil are created and are visible on respective student dashboards. Moreover, it also makes the entire process efficient and minimizes the chances of human error.

Payslip Management

With Edunomy's cloud-based payslip management system, HR and finance departments can collaborate to release monthly payslips for all the employees in an organization. Since all earnings and deductions are calculated automatically, there is no chance of error in calculation.

Online Exams

Once again, Edunomy aims to reduce the use of paper and make the examination system more efficient. With our solution, the teachers can suggest questions from their dashboards, the admin approves them and creates a random test for each category from the given question bank. These tests are automatically sent to the assigned teachers for marking, and the results are compiled.

Human Resource

We have departmentalized the management system to provide perfect feasibility for the HR department where they can add employees, mark and view their attendance, create payslip groups and categories for salary disbursement.

Bulk Import / Export

In today's World, efficient data collection is the key to institutional progress. With our bulk import option, you can create and maintain inventory files on your computer, and whenever need be, the data can be uploaded to our cloud within a few clicks. The bulk export also offers similar functionality, but it is used to download the data from Edunomy's cloud to your computer.


Edunomy allows teachers to create and check assignments online, while students can view, attempt and submit their assignments through the dashboard. Hence, Edunomy allows them to get rid of piles of papers!

Email Notifications

Users are notified of all the important events happening on their dashboard via emails, and this leads to more productivity by reducing the chances of forgetfulness.

Timetabling System

Edunomy allows the creation of dynamic timetables at the admin dashboard. Once they are created, the teachers and students can view the details relevant to them from the respective dashboards and apply various filters on the incoming data.

Online Admissions

Edunomy removes all the hassle of admitting a student through traditional paperwork by allowing the school admin to enroll a student directly into an academic year from the dashboard in a couple of seconds.

Lesson Planner

All the lesson planners are created by admin and are displayed on the dashboards of respective teachers. Apart from viewing these planners, teachers can also recommend modifications which are implemented after R&D department's approval.

Class Planning Module

Every lesson needs to be delivered strategically! All the teachers are allowed to define the type of class they will conduct, the flow, key outcomes, together with the list of weak students.